Chinese wholesale Cellophane Shrink Wrap - GS Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film – GS PACK

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Chinese wholesale Cellophane Shrink Wrap - GS Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film – GS PACK Detail:

GS Standard Polyolefin(P OF) 5-Layer Co-Extruded HeatShrink able Film from GS PACK, has high clarity and low density,  This economical and practical shrink film has better air barrier property than 3-layers film obviously, During packaging, it is biaxial Oriented shrinkable on stable and balanced shrinkage(over 60%);high tenacity, with soft corner and hermetic sealing,  non-brittle, low temperature resistance, harmless and non smelly, damp-proof, it is the best substitute for PVC shrink films.

It can protect your products effi ently well by preventing the appearance of the products from the dust and peculiar smell.This is the most economically standard Film product which is compatible with both automatic and semi-automatic shrink packing machines.This product also has been certified by the American quality Standard(FDA) and has passed suggest related testing standards. Thickness available inGS: 12  micron, 15  micron, 19  micro n, 25 micro n, 30 micron

GS Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film
Item Unit Test method Physical Properties
Thickness micron ASTM-D 374 12um 15um 19um 25um
g/cm3 ASTM- D1505 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.92
Free Shrinkage MD % ASTM- D2732-83 60 60 60 60
TD 120℃ 60 60 60 60
Elongation MD % ASTM- D882-02 90 110 115 100
TD 100 105 110 105
Tensile Strength MD N/mm2 p::2M02 115 115 110 100
TD 110 105 100 95
Tear Resistance MD N ASTM- D1938-03 3.5 4 4.5 6.7
TD 3.8 4 4.6 7.9
Seal Strength N/15mm Q BT 23-58 10 11 13 15
Dynamic D1882-0 0.25 0.19 0.18 0.19
Static ASTM- D1894-01 0.25 0.22 0.2 0.2
Inner Diameter Inch 3 3 3 3
Remarks:MD(Machine direction), TD(Tran verse direction)
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POF is a kind of heat shrinkable film, mainly used for packaging products with regular and irregular shapes. Due to its non-toxic and environmental protection, high transparency, high shrinkage, good heat-sealability, high gloss, toughness, tear resistance, It has the characteristics of uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a replacement product of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film. It is widely used in automotive supplies, plastic products, stationery, books, electronics, circuit boards, MP3, VCD, handicrafts, photo frames and other wood products , Toys, pesticides, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, canned beverages, dairy products, medicine, cassettes and video tapes and other products.

1. With high transparency and good gloss, it can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve sensory awareness, and reflect high-grade.

2. The shrinkage rate is large, up to 75%, and the flexibility is good. It can package any shape of goods. And the shrinkage force of the three-layer co-extruded film treated by a special process is controllable, which can meet the shrinkage force of different product packaging. Claim.

3. Good welding performance and high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

4. Good cold resistance, can maintain flexibility at -50°C without embrittlement, suitable for storage and transportation of the packaged materials in cold environments.

5. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, in line with US FDA and USDA standards, and can package food.

The main raw materials of the three-layer co-extruded heat shrinkable packaging film include LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene), TPP (ternary copolymer polypropylene), PPC (binary copolymer polypropylene) and necessary functional additives such as Shuang Slip agent, anti-blocking agent, Antistatic agent, etc. These raw materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, no toxic gas or odor will be generated during processing and product application, and the product’s hygienic performance meets the US FDA and USDA standards, and can be used to package food.

Three-layer co-extrusion heat shrinkable packaging film is made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and copolymer polypropylene (TPP, PPC) as the main raw materials, adding necessary additives, and processed by co-extrusion blow molding. The process is different from the traditional blow molding process. Due to the poor tensile properties of the PP melt state, the traditional blow molding process cannot be used. Instead, the double bubble process is used, which is also known as the Pulandi process in the world. It is melted and extruded by different extruders, through a specially designed co-extrusion die, the primary film is formed and then quenched, and then heated and expanded to produce the product.

The application of POF shrink film packaging is the second life of the product, and packaging plays an important role in the product, whether it is beautiful decoration or sealing protection, it plays an important role. In today’s rich packaging film market, POF shrink film has emerged smoothly and dominated because it has advantages that the same type of packaging film does not have, such as environmental protection, non-toxic, green and pollution-free, strong sealing, and flexibility Strong performance, low cost, strong tear resistance and so on. POF shrink film has a wide range of applications, whether it is food or non-food products and other fields. Today with novel and rich packaging, POF shrink film is active in various packaging fields with its transparent gloss and simple image. POF shrink film can become a mainstream packaging form, not accidental but a necessity. POF The shrink film is environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, strong shrinkage, strong tear resistance, transparent gloss and other excellent characteristics, prompting it to be widely used in the packaging industry.

It is widely used in food, daily necessities, cosmetics and other industries. In addition, POF thermal shrinkage can also be used as a label packaging form attached to the appearance of the container, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect and has excellent publicity for products and brands. effect. In particular, POF shrink film has high shrinkage and strong tear resistance. It is also often used as a protective film for products. It is used in various industrial fields to protect materials from harmful gases during transportation, storage and processing. Microorganisms The corrosion, etc. play a good protective role. POF shrink film has a wide range of applications, including not only food, daily necessities, and even industrial fields. It can be used. POF shrink film has maintained a rapid growth development model with high shrinkage, green environmental protection, strong flexibility and other superior properties. At present, no other film can be copied, and its status cannot be replaced.

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Chinese wholesale Cellophane Shrink Wrap - GS Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film – GS PACK detail pictures

Chinese wholesale Cellophane Shrink Wrap - GS Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film – GS PACK detail pictures

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