Heat shrinkable film can meet the needs of different users

To obtain good printability on the heat-shrinkable film, the surface tension of the film should be higher than the surface tension of the ink, and the surface must have a certain degree of roughness to form an adsorption force.
In the plastic film, polyolefins such as PP and PE films are non-polar polymer materials. Stable chemical properties. The surface tension is small, lower than the ink tension. Poor adhesion to ink. Although the surface tension of some films is equal to or higher than that of the ink, the surface is smooth, and the pore-free surface has low adsorption force. At the same time, various films are added with antistatic agents, antistatic agents, and anti-aging agents when synthesizing resins. It will affect the surface properties of the film and make its printability worse. Therefore, there are some printability problems in most shrink films currently used. Therefore, in order to improve the printability of the film surface, the surface of the film with poor printing performance must be pretreated to increase the surface tension and surface adsorption. Commonly used methods include corona treatment, plasma treatment, chemical treatment, coating treatment, and so on. 1. The PVC heat shrinkable film has high strength and large elasticity, which can be tightly wrapped around any geometric shape product, and can avoid damage to the product caused by bundling. It has good anti-loosening, rain-proof and dust-proof effects.
2. PVC heat shrinkable film can use high-performance resin and auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different users.
3. PVC heat shrinkable film stretch packaging saves raw materials than shrink packaging, and does not require a heat shrink packaging machine, which saves energy.
4. Heat-shrinkable film manufacturers remind you that PVC heat-shrinkable film is suitable for a variety of product packaging requirements. It can manufacture single-sided adhesive products, reduce noise during winding and stretching, and reduce dust and sand during transportation.
Environmentally friendly PE heat shrinkable film, shrink film performance and packaging application effect:
1. Beautiful appearance, can make the film close to the product, so shrink packaging is a kind of skin packaging;
2. It can pack goods of various shapes, and it can shrink-wrap various goods of different shapes in the same shrink bag, which is convenient to carry;
3. Shrink packaging has good shock resistance, impact resistance, and good protection performance;
4. Shrink packaging has good cleanability, can be dust-proof and moisture-proof;
5. The immovability of the goods in the shrink packaging is good, and the packaging will not be swayed in the middle of the packaging;
6. Good transparency, allowing customers to directly observe the integrity of the product.

Post time: Jul-09-2021