PVC heat shrinkable film mainly adopts the principle of stretching and orientation of high-taken molecular chains

PVC heat-shrinkable film is mainly designed by the principle of high-taken molecular chain stretching and orientation. The physical principle is that when the ionomer is in a high elastic state, it is stretched and oriented. When the polymer is quenched to below the glass transition temperature, the molecular The orientation is frozen, and the items are packaged at this time. Due to the stress relaxation of molecular motion, the molecules will return to their original state and shrink. At present, the common heat shrinkable films on the market include PE shrinkable film, PVC shrinkable film, PP shrinkable film, POF co-extruded shrinkable film, etc. In the big family of shrinkable packaging film, POF three-layer co-extruded shrinkable film is a kind of It is a new generation product that has gradually emerged and been accepted by people.
Heat shrinkable film is also the protector of construction and transportation materials. It is not only suitable for packaging of multiple products and packaging with pallets, but also convenient for transportation and sales, easy to realize mechanization, saving labor and material resources, and can partially replace carton and wooden box packaging. Heat-shrinkable film is used for bottled beer instead of strapping packaging to prevent bottled beer from exploding and hurting people. It has been widely used in fast food, ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts and other fields. It is used for labels of various PET bottled beer and beverages, which can reduce the label removal process and facilitate recycling and reuse. In military machinery and hardware tools, it is of great significance to apply heat shrinkable film and vapor phase anti-rust technology to replace anti-rust oil to enhance the anti-rust ability.
In addition, the outstanding feature of heat shrinkable film is the phenomenon of shrinkage recovery. That is to say, when creating the heat shrinkable film, the preheating well is stretched in the corresponding direction, and then the inkstone is cooled to make the chain molecules align in the stretching direction. When this film is reheated to the degree of stretching, the chain molecules return to their original disordered state, and the thinned size also returns to the size before stretching, that is, the phenomenon of shrinkage X occurs. The heat-shrinkable sleeve label mainly adopts the gravure printing method, and the printed graphics have bright color and good saturation. Because it can decorate the packaging container personally, highlight the appearance of the product, improve the appearance and decoration of the product, and produce a good shelf effect. In the labeling process, the label and the container can be integrated without the use of adhesives, which can realize the large-scale connection operation of the product and greatly reduce the production cost.
PVC heat shrinkable film is suitable for the packaging needs of various products. It can be packaged in single or small collections, or in large pallets. It can be used for stationery, toys, textiles, paper products, beverages, medicine, Heat-shrinkable packaging for tongue-and-groove flooring, hardware appliances, etc. PVC heat shrinkable film is made of ethylene PVC resin mixed with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials and then inflated twice. It is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, shrinkage rate can be adjusted freely according to user needs, and strong operability. PVC heat shrinkable film has good transparency, high shrinkage rate, between 40% and 60%, and its low cost, high tensile strength, large temperature shrinkage range, and low heat source requirements. The main processing heat source is Hot air, infrared or a combination of the two.

Post time: Jul-06-2021