Transparent color 23 Micron LLDPE Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapping

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High quality polyolefin (POF) shrink packaging film roll.
5-layer standard polyolefin shrink film is a universal shrinkable film designed to meet the general purpose of shrinking applications.
As a multi-layer co-extruted and biaxially oriented film, the film combines the characteristics of polyethylene (LLDPE) and propylene (COPP), making it multifunctional shrink packaging of various products, such as food, beverages, fruits and vegetables , Sporting goods, toys, electronics, consumer goods, medicines, cosmetics, stationery, paper printed matter and other light commodities.

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LLDPE Stretch Wrap Film for hand or machine wrapping / Protecting / Packing.

Our products can be up to international level in terms of appearance and quality. Different specifications of the products are available according to the clients’ specific needs. The thickness range is 0.007mm~0.05mm, width range is 3cm~200cm, while length range can be according to the customers’ requirement. And we have many colors for your choices such as transparent, blue,red and black color.

Transparent color 23 Micron LLDPE Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapping

Stretch Film Features

• Health and environmental protection

• Anti cushioning strength, anti piercing and tear proof performance, good thickness, good performance price ratio.

• With high tensile strength, tearing strength, transparency and good retracting force, the pretension ratio is 400%, which can be assembled, waterproof, dustproof, anti dispersion and burglar proof, etc.

Function & Usage

LLDPE Stretch Film had been widely used in our daily life and working. It is quiet convenient for us to anti-dust, anti-mositure, anti-flowdown for products both home and also industry.
The most popular pallet wrapping for container loading or keeping goods.
It is quite convenient for us to keep clean and mositure at home, like shoes, garment, furniture, etc.
It’s used for some of the beauty salon for sliming.
It’s used for tighten goods.

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